The Official Directory of Five Star Force Short Sale Agents


Short Sale Specialists and Facilitators

The Short Sale Directory is a perfect resource for servicers to utilize when connecting homeowners to the most qualified, highly experienced agents capable of completing and closing their short sale process. Contacting a listed agent or broker is a quick and simple task because the Directory is constantly updated to reflect the most recent agent and broker information. Servicers don’t need to waste time vetting or testing these agents, each professional in the Directory has been fully vetted and has his or her Five Star Short Sale Certification.

Brokers and Agents

The Short Sale Directory is an exceptional marketing tool for agents and brokers with short sale transactions. Functioning as a showcase for each agent’s contact information, knowledge, history, and expertise, short sale specialists, servicers, and homeowners will use this Directory to find their future closing agent.


The Short Sale Directory is an unequaled asset for homeowners looking to connect with trustworthy, experienced agents capable of executing a short sale efficiently. Each member in this directory has been fully vetted—including a criminal back ground check—is Five Star Short Sale Certified, and has a proven track record in the short sale sector. Homeowners can select an agent with confidence and be reassured that their business will be handled honestly and with expert skill.